H.O.N. Genetics – Rainbow Land


12 regular seeds per pack
Lineage: MAC OZ x Lalibela Pine
Flowering Time: 63+ Days
Indica / Sativa: Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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The MAC OZ is a powerhouse combo of some of the best California cannabis, a cross of
OZ Kush to the MAC69. As a landrace hybrid, the Rainbow Land plants are real exotics with
true hybrid vigor and plentiful variation within the progeny. This strain has tested high for THCV
and has shown great yielding potential.
The Lalibela Pine (LP) is a select backcross preserved from landrace seed given to us in
the Wollo province of Ethiopia, East Africa. She exhibits extremely unique traits as well as high
and unusual combinations of rare medicinal cannabinoids and terpenes: including THCV, CBG,
CBC and Ocimene. Many of these traits have carried over into the progeny along with her flavor,
notes of pine, lime, incense, coffee and sweet tobacco. As a landrace hybrid project, the
Lalibela Pine Line produces a wide variation within the offspring. Unlike the majority of hybrids
on the market, many of the progeny lean towards the father in terms of structure and aroma.
The LP is a truly beautiful spiritual herb.
These offerings are for the healing of the nations and Ethiopia will share equally in the
fruits of this project. Thank you for your support.

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